Environmental Business Plan

Environmental Business Plan

Our environmental business plan is an original activity that applies our operational management approach to environmental conservation activities. Waste, water, and exhaust gas are the main themes of the plan, under which we work to reduce environmental burdens that result from our glass production operations.

Waste Reduction

Since we began this activity in 2000, we have steadily decreased the amount of solid waste destined for landfill (Category D). Since 2009, the amount of solid waste destined for landfill disposal resulting from normal production activities at our facilities in Japan has been equivalent to 0.1% (or less) of the total weight of products sold. We are currently also actively reducing corporate recycling (Category C), which we outsource.

Waste Categories

Water Reduction

We believe that the level of manufacturing is represented in the way water is used. Consequently, by managing our water usage we are increasing our understanding of the entire glass manufacturing process and further improving our process technology and equipment.

Reducing Evaporated Glass Components in Glass Melting Furnaces

The exhaust gas from melting furnaces contains evaporated components derived from the raw materials of glass production. These evaporated components can be recycled if captured. By combining the reduction of evaporation from melting furnaces and efficient capture of the evaporated components, we are applying best practices to improve our melting process and energy conservation technology.