Promoting the Environmental Management Plan

Promoting the Environmental Management Plan

In fiscal 2018, in order to improve environmental performance, all domestic plants set 36 objectives, of which 35 were attained. A total of 36 objectives have been set for fiscal 2019. The topics we are working on are directly connected to our essential operations and to priority issues.

Environmental Management Activity

Environmental Management Activity Organization Chart

Environmental Management Meeting

The executive officer in charge of environmental management serves as chair, and the President and representatives of each operational department attend this meeting. Representatives from overseas subsidiaries also participate as necessary. Specific environmental conservation activities based on the President’s environmental policies, performance reports, and promotion updates are shared. Deliberation on our group’s environmental conservation activities is carried out at this meeting.

ISO 14001 Certification Status

Adapting to New ISO 14001:2015 Standards

The international environmental standard ISO 14001 was revised in 2015 in order to ensure the efficacy of ISO application. From January 2017 we implemented a new Environmental Management System (EMS), which incorporates the new standard and, after undergoing the auditing process, we received accreditation renewal in August 2017.

ISO 14001 Certification Status of Our Group

Company name Date of certification
Nippon Electric Glass Co., Ltd. (multi-certification at four plants) Aug. 27, 1999
Group companies Date of certification
SGS Engineering Co., Ltd. Jan. 19, 2001
Nichiden Glass Processing Company,Limited Nov. 1, 2002
Shiga Nichiman Company, Limited Feb. 15, 2013
Techneglas LLC Jan. 31, 2000
Nippon Electric Glass (Malaysia) Sdn. Bhd. Jan. 12, 2002
Nippon Electric Glass Taiwan Co., Ltd. Sep. 18, 2006
Paju Electric Glass Co., Ltd. Aug. 28, 2007
Nippon Electric Glass (Korea) Co., Ltd. Oct. 9, 2007
Electric Glass (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. Dec. 21, 2009
Electric Glass (Korea) Co., Ltd. Dec. 9, 2014
Electric Glass (Guangzhou) Co., Ltd. Nov. 11, 2015
Electric Glass (Xiamen) Co., Ltd. Apr. 17, 2017
Electric Glass Fiber NL, B.V. May. 22, 2017
Electric Glass (Nanjing) Co., Ltd. Apr. 13, 2018

Environmental Education

As environment-related laws are revised and regulations are strengthened, it is necessary to accurately ascertain those changes in order to ensure legal compliance. In fiscal 2019 we plan to emphasize education of such laws.

Environmental Management Logo

This logo was created in June 1993 and it is used when making internal postings about our EMS activities and Environmental Charter. The design was selected from among internal suggestions. The green leaves represent environmental technology, nature, and the hands of our employees, while the blue circle depicts the sky and the earth, environmental equipment made by our employees, and the community and society surrounding us.