Nippon Electric Glass Donates Books to Children’s Cafeterias in Shiga Prefecture

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Nippon Electric Glass Co., Ltd. (Head Office: Otsu, Shiga, Japan; President: Motoharu Matsumoto) has decided to donate books to kodomo shokudo (“children’s cafeterias”) in Shiga Prefecture through the “Foster Children’s Smiles” project of which the Shiga Prefectural Council of Social Welfare (Kusatsu, Shiga; Chair: Mitsuharu Watanabe) serves as the secretariat. The Company today held a book donation ceremony at the office of the Shiga Prefectural Council of Social Welfare.

Kodomo shokudo are cafeterias run through grassroots efforts to serve meals to children for free or at affordable prices. Shiga Prefecture currently has 142 kodomo shokudo, a very high number for its child population, which has positioned it as one of the leading Japanese prefectures in this initiative. The Shiga Prefectural Government aims to increase the number of kodomo shokudo in the prefecture to 300 by FY2024. Positioning contribution to the community and the education of next-generation human resources among the most crucial CSR issues, we have so far been engaged in various activities to help Shiga Prefecture in these areas. The Shiga Prefectural Government and the Shiga Prefectural Council of Social Welfare recently asked us for help to enable children to spend a more valuable time before and after meals at kodomo shokudo. In response to this request, we decided to donate books, hoping that these books will help children grow as future leaders who can demonstrate their talents to the world from Shiga Prefecture.
We will also encourage our employees who support this activity to bring books from their bookshelves, and donate those books collectively.

The importance of kodomo shokudo has recently been increasing. Cafeterias of this kind are expected to serve not only as a welfare tool that can save children from poverty and unhealthy dietary habits, such as having meals alone, eating only their favorite food of limited kinds, and eating food different from their family members, but also as a place for dietary education, child-rearing support, communication between different generations, and the vitalization of local communities. In addition to this book donation activity, we hope to continue to provide support for the kodomo shokudo initiative in various forms.

(Outline of donation)
Book title: Complete set of 24 volumes of “Educational manga for boys and girls: History of Japan,” Shogakukan)
Number of sets to be donated: 50 sets (10 sets to be donated annually for five years)
Period: From August 2021 to July 2025 (five years)
Intermediator of donation: Shiga Prefectural Council of Social Welfare
Note: We left the selection of kodomo shokudo as the recipients to the Shiga Prefectural Council of Social Welfare.