At the Forefront of Glass Technology -Invisible Glass-

The less you see, the clearer the view

Invisible Glass minimizes reflection

Glass is known throughout the world as a transparent but reflecting material that can be used in many forms for many purposes. But sometimes even slight reflections get in the way, for instance, on windows facing beautiful vistas and on casings used by museums and art galleries.
Our Invisible Glass uses the original coating to minimize reflection, and it is garnering considerable attention from all quarters.
Read on to learn more about this amazing new development.

Unique coating technology generates new value in glass

Invisible Glass reduces luminous reflectance to approximately 0.08%

Luminous reflectance (i.e., perceptible reflection) in general glass is around 4% per side. This is enough to make glass visible and cast reflections. But Invisible Glass boasts a luminous reflectance rate of around 0.08%.
The secret lies in our unique coating technology. Invisible Glass minimizes reflection using a combination of layers of various thicknesses and refractive indexes. Layers many thousandths the thickness of a human hair are stacked on both sides of the glass to create a uniform surface.

Invisible Glass offers clearer product presentation

Showcases made with Invisible Glass virtually eliminate reflection for breathtakingly clear views of the items inside.

Invisible Glass<sup>™</sup> Conventional glass

Invisible Glass in use
Miyamoto Shoko Ginza@Main Store

Miyamoto Shoko Ginza Main Store

Seiji Togo Memorial Sompo Japan Museum of Art

Seiji Togo Memorial Sompo Japan Museum of Art

Continuing to provide new value for the whole community

As beautiful as it is functional, glass is a practical material with a broad range of uses across industries. Invisible Glass was developed as part of our quest to find new uses for glass material, and it has already proven its worth in upscale jewelry stores, art museums, and even at the forefront of medical practice. Now, we are developing new touch-based applications for smartphones and tablet computers. At Nippon Electric Glass, we continue our search for more amazing developments, like Invisible Glass, which can offer ever greater worth in a range of fields, such as art, healthcare, lifestyle, and industry.

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