Chairman of the Board
(Representative Director)
Masayuki Arioka
(Representative Director)
Motoharu Matsumoto
Director Hirokazu Takeuchi
Director Masahiro Tomamoto
Director Akihisa Saeki
Director Koichi Tsuda
Director Hiroki Yamazaki
Director(Outside) Sumimaru Odano
Director(Outside) Shuichi Mori

Corporate Auditors

Corporate Auditor
Fujio Kishi
Corporate Auditor
Masahiko Oji
Corporate Auditor(Outside) Certified Public Accountant Kazuya Ishii
Corporate Auditor(Outside) Attorney at Law Keijiro Kimura

Executive Officers

President Motoharu Matsumoto [Auditing]
Executive Vice President Hirokazu Takeuchi (Consumer Glass Business, Glass Fiber Business, Electronic Products Business)
Group General Manager, Glass Fiber Products Group
Senior Vice President Masahiro Tomamoto (Engineering, Plant Engineering)
[Environmental Management, Furnace Design & Engineering]
Group General Manager, Corporate Engineering Group
Senior Vice President Akihisa Saeki (Display Glass Business, Thin Film Business)
Group General Manager, Display Glass Group
Senior Vice President Koichi Tsuda (Accounting, Purchasing, Sales Management)
[Corporate Strategy, Administration (Secretary, Legal, Advertising, PR, IR),
HumanResources, Information Systems, Tokyo Branch Office,
Security Trade Control]General Manager, Human Resources Division
Senior Vice President Hiroki Yamazaki (Technology)
[Intellectual Property]
Group General Manager, Corporate Technology Group
Vice President Shigeru Goto [Glass Fiber Business (USA Operations)]
Chairman, Electric Glass Fiber America, LLC
Vice President Toshimasa Kanai [Thin Film Business]
General Manager, Thin Films Division, Display Glass Group
Vice President Yusuke Maenaka [Display Glass Business (Sales), Sales Management]
Vice President Akira Kishimoto [Consumer Glass Business]
Group General Manager, Consumer Glass Products Group
Vice President Norio Nakamura [Glass Fiber Business (Production)]
General Manager, Glass Fiber Division, Production, Glass Fiber Products Group
Vice President Kiyohide Takeuchi [Electric Glass Building Materials Co., Ltd.]
President, Electric Glass Building Materials Co., Ltd.
Vice President Kunihiro Nakagawa [Electronic Products Business (Sales)]
General Manager, Electronic Products Division, Sales, Electronic Products Group
Vice President Hiroaki Nomura [Glass Fiber Business (Sales)]
General Manager, Glass Fiber Division, Sales, Glass Fiber Products Group
Vice President Masaya Kubo [Nippon Electric Glass (Malaysia) Sdn. Bhd.]
Managing Director, Nippon Electric Glass (Malaysia) Sdn. Bhd.
Vice President Haruki Matsumiya [Engineering, Plant Engineering]
General Manager, Engineering Division, Corporate Engineering Group
Vice President Tomonori Kano [Display Glass Business (Production)]
General Manager, Display Glass Division, Production, Display Glass Group
Vice President Masaaki Kadomi [Technology]
General Manager, Corporate Technology Division, Corporate Technology Group
Vice President Mamoru Morii [Accounting, Purchasing]
General Manager, Accounting Division

As of 1 Oct, 2017

Note: ( ) means “supervising” and [ ] means “in charge” indicating work assignments of corporate officers.