Notice on Price Increase of Glass Fiber Products

Recently, the demands for glass fiber products have been increasing globally. In order to ensure stable supply to customers, we, Nippon Electric Glass Co., Ltd., have continuously made capital investments in production facilities for the expansion of production capacity and in the development of new products.

Our basic policy is to make internal efforts such as improvement of productivity and reduction of production costs, and avoid imposing burden on our customers. However, recently we have been facing the increase of costs of raw materials, energy and so on. In addition, to cope with the tight balance between supply and demand, steady implementation of investments in production facilities is necessary. Under those situations, we regret to inform that we have determined to ask for the price increase of our glass fiber products.

1. Price increase products: glass fiber products
2. Timing and details of the price increase: to be notified to each customer

Nippon Electric Glass Co., Ltd.