Business and Main Products

Category Product classification Product name
Electronics and Information Technology Glass for Flat Panel Displays (FPD)
    • Glass for Liquid Crystal Displays (LCD)
    • Glass for Organic Light-Emitting Diode (OLED) Displays
Specialty Glass for Chemical Strengthening
• “Dinorex” Specialty Glass For Chemical Strengthening
Glass for Optical Devices
    • Capillary and Ferrule for Optical Communication Devices
    • Lens for Optical Communication Devices
    • “Micro Preform” Glass Materials for Aspherical Lenses
Glass for Electronic Devices
    • Functional Powdered Glass
    • Sheet Glass for Image Sensors
    • Glass Tube for Small Electronic Products
    • “Lumiphous” Phosphor-Glass Composite
Performance Materials and Others Glass Fiber
    • Chopped Strands for Function Plastic Reinforcement
    • Wet Chopped Strands for Building Materials
    • Roving for Plastics Reinforcement
    • Chopped-Strand Mats for Automobiles
    • Alkali-Resistant Glass Fiber for Cement Reinforcement
Glass for Building Materials
    • Glass Block
    • “Neopariés” Glass-Ceramic Building Materials
    • “FireLite” Fire-Rated Glass
    • “Lamion” Ultra Thin Glass Laminated on Resin
    • “Invisible Glass” Ultra-Low Reflection Glass
Heat-Resistant Glass
    • “Neoceram” Super Heat-Resistant Glass-Ceramic
    • “StellaShine™” Glass-ceramics for Cooking Appliance Top Plates
Glass for Lighting Use
Glass for Pharmaceutical and Medical Applications
    • Glass tubing for Pharmaceutical and Medical Use
    • “LX Premium” Radiation Shielding Glass
Glassmaking Machinery