Corporate Philosophy

Corporate Philosophy

At Nippon Electric Glass, our corporate philosophy is a reflection of our founding mission, a statement of our devotion to creating products infused with the very best of human civilization for the betterment of society.

【Our corporate philosophy】

We strive to build a brighter future for the world by uncovering the unlimited possibilities of glass for more advanced creative manufacturing.

Firmly rooted in the traditions of our founding mission, the NEG corporate philosophy plots a path for our quest for sustainable growth. Thanks to material design, melting, forming, and processing technologies, glass can be infused with different properties for a broad range of functions. We are dedicated to unlocking glass’s potential to make life better and more comfortable for people and communities the world over.

Our slogan


【Our vision】

The world’s leading manufacturer of special glass

Our goal is to become the world’s leading manufacturer of special glass, with the best talent, the best technology, and the best creative manufacturing ability. At the same time, we strive to run our company in a way that inspires pride among our workers and enables us to make a genuine contribution to the community. The way we see it, creative manufacturing is achieved through state-of-the-art technological development, the highest quality standards, efficient production, and a steady supply of products, all underpinned by a fundamental dedication to environmental sustainability.

【Our values】

・Customer first
Everything is based on accurate understanding and complete satisfaction of customers’ requirements.
・Get the job done
We are dedicated to completing every task properly.
・Broad minds and open communication
We think beyond existing norms and encourage frank communication among all departments and generations.
・High ethical standards
We are bound to act ethically and in good faith practices in all situations.
・Consideration for the environment
We are constantly aware of the need to be considerate of the environment, and strive to reduce our footprint.