Chairman of the Board
(Representative Director)
Masayuki Arioka
(Representative Director)
Motoharu Matsumoto
Director Hirokazu Takeuchi
Director Koichi Tsuda
Director Hiroki Yamazaki
Director Tomonori Kano
Director(Outside) Shuichi Mori
Director(Outside) Reiko Urade
Director(Outside) Hiroyuki Ito

Corporate Auditors

Corporate Auditor
Masahiko Ohji
Corporate Auditor
Yoshihisa Hayashi
Corporate Auditor(Outside) Certified Public Accountant, Certified Public Tax Accountant Katsuhiro Matsui
Corporate Auditor(Outside) Attorney at Law Tsukasa Takahashi

Executive Officers

President Motoharu Matsumoto [Auditing]
Executive Vice President Hirokazu Takeuchi (Research & Development, Process Development & Engineering, Electronic Products Business)
Senior Vice President Koichi Tsuda (Administration (Secretary, Legal, Advertising, PR, IR), Human Resources, Accounting, Purchasing, Corporate Strategy, Information Systems,Sales Management)
[ Tokyo Branch Office, Security Trade Control]
Senior Vice President Hiroki Yamazaki [Fundamental Technology, Intellectual Property, Environmental Management, Quality Auditing, Product Safety Management, Cooperation in Research & Technology]
Senior Vice President Tomonori Kano (Display Glass Business)
[Thin Film Business]
Group General Manager, Display Glass Group
Senior Vice President Akira Kishimoto [Consumer Glass Products Business]
Group General Manager, Consumer Glass Products Group
Senior Vice President Norio Nakamura [Glass Fiber Business]
Group General Manager, Glass Fiber Group
Senior Vice President Haruki Matsumiya [Process Development & Engineering]
Group General Manager, Process Development & Engineering Group
Senior Vice President Masaaki Kadomi [Research & Development]
Group General Manager, Research & Development Group
Senior Vice President Mamoru Morii [Accounting, Purchasing, Corporate Strategy, Information Systems]
Vice President Hiroaki Nomura [Glass Fiber Business (Sales), Electric Glass Fiber America,LLC]
President, Electric Glass Fiber America,LLC
Vice President Takuo Horiuchi [Display Glass Business (Sales), Sales Management]
General Manager, Display Glass Division, Sales, Display Glass Group
Vice President Masahiro Kobayashi [Electronic Products Business]
Group General Manager, Electronic Products Group
Vice President Hitoshi Kanaya [Process Development & Engineering]
Deputy Group General Manager, Process Development & Engineering Group
Vice President Toshiyuki Nakajima [Administration (Secretary, Legal, Advertising, PR, IR), Human Resources]
General Manager, Human Resources Division
Vice President Hidetaka Oda [Display Glass Business (Production)]
General Manager, Display Glass Division, Production, Display Glass Group

As of 30 March, 2021

Note: ( ) means “supervising” and [ ] means “in charge” indicating work assignments of executive officers.