Cap Lids with the World’s Highest Light Extraction Efficiency are Developed and Commercialized —Ideal for UV-C LED devices used for sterilization and virus inactivation —

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Nippon Electric Glass Co., Ltd. (Head Office: Otsu, Shiga, Japan, President: Motoharu Matsumoto) developed and commercialized two types of cap lids: a square lid (box-shaped lid) for UV-C (*1) LEDs with the world’s highest light extraction efficiency (*2) and a domed lid (bowl-shaped lid) for UV-C LEDs with the world’s highest light extraction efficiency and a wider light distribution angle. The company has started supplying samples.
The square lid developed is integrated with gold-tin (AuSn) solder for sealing a substrate, to which the necessary AR (anti-reflection) coating is applied. It achieved a light extraction efficiency of 96%, which exceeds that of conventional quartz glass cap lids. On the other hand, the domed lid is a cap lid that is made by processing UV-C high-transmitting glass into a dome (hemispherical) shape and integrating gold-tin solder for sealing a substrate onto the flange. It achieved a light extraction efficiency of 93% and a wide light distribution angle.

There are high hopes for UV-C LEDs in sterilization and virus inactivation. Many manufacturers have been trying to increase the power of LEDs, but the power remains at less than one-hundredth of that of mercury lamps. For this reason, lids used for UV-C LEDs are required to have improved light extraction efficiency, and lids for high-power LEDs are shifting from a structure to which flat glass is attached to a cap shape with excellent light extraction efficiency.

By supplying the two types of cap lids developed to the market, the company will contribute to the improvement in performance of UV-C LEDs and the realization of mass production.

■Product photo


Square lid with sealing material


Domed lid with sealing material

■Lids with sealing material: Lineup and characteristics




*1: Ultraviolet rays with a wavelength of 100 to 280 nm    
*2: Measured wavelength 280 nm, single LED chip, according to Nippon Electric Glass
*3: UV-C AR coating products currently under development
*4: Refer to “Develops and Commercializes “Lid with Sealing Material” for Packages of Optical Devices” (released on January 13, 2021)