Agreement to Extend the Period of the Comprehensive Agreement on Promotion of Industry-Academia Collaboration and to Continue to Endow Chair

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Today, the University of Shiga Prefecture (President: Yoshitsugu Hirokawa) and Nippon Electric Glass Co., Ltd. (President: Motoharu Matsumoto) held a signing ceremony for the seventh comprehensive agreement on the promotion of industry-academia collaboration. Since the conclusion of the first agreement in 2007, both parties have been carrying out collaborative projects, including the management of an endowed chair for glass engineering research, joint research, and technical exchanges. The conclusion of this agreement allows the collaborative projects to be continued until 2028.
The University of Shiga Prefecture is highly regarded both in Japan and overseas as one of Japan’s leading academic institutions in glass research. The University of Shiga Prefecture and Nippon Electric Glass will continue to help develop glass engineering and nurture next-generation human resources through collaboration based on this agreement.

Overview of the Agreement


To nurture glass researchers and engineers by further developing fundamental technologies related to glass manufacturing in a comprehensive manner through the accumulation of reliable basic data on glass in various states, from melted to solid, and the physicochemical systematization of the accumulated data.

Research theme

Comprehensive research on fundamental technologies related to glass engineering

Research framework

While managing the endowed chair in the Center for Glass Science and Technology established in the School of Engineering, the University of Shiga Prefecture, we develop a comprehensive research framework related to glass engineering to advance collaboration with on-campus researchers.


Nippon Electric Glass endows 100 million yen every three years.

* With this agreement, the cumulative amount of endowment from 2007 to 2028 will be 700 million yen.