OA-11(Alkali-free Glass Substrate)

Glass Substrate for FPD

Widely used as substrate for liquid crystal display, OLED display, as well as for thin film coating.

OA-11(Alkali-free Glass Substrate)

OA-11 is used as substrate for liquid crystal display and OLED display, as well as substrate for the formation of various thin films. OA-11 has particularly low deformation and deflection of gravity properties. The substrate is both very thin and easy to handle. The high dimensional stability of this glass substrate allows it to withstand high temperature processes which makes it suitable for use in the LTPS and IGZO high-quality-next-generation displays.Product Information PDF

Product Details


  1. Smooth surface
    Glass substrates formed using overflow technology exhibits flat precision surfaces.
  2. Alkali-free
    With a maximum alkali oxide content of 0.1% each, these products do not degrade the thin-film characteristics of amorphous or polycrystalline silicon.
  3. Thermal dimensional stability
    A high strain point and a low thermal expansion coefficient give OA-10G and OA-11 high thermal dimensional stability during TFT forming process and other heat treatment processes.
  4. Chemically stable surface
    Inert to treating agents used in the semiconductor process and the TFT forming process, so surfaces retain pristine quality.
  5. Environmentally friendly glass
    Environmentally friendly glass that does not contain environmentally hazardous substances, such as As and Sb.