SS-1(High Strain Point Glass Substrate For Solar Cells)

Glass for Solar Cells

SS-1 is glass substrate with high strain point and softening point. It is used for solar cells and modules.

SS-1(High Strain Point Glass Substrate For Solar Cells)

SS-1 is a high strain point glass substrate developed for use in solar cells and modules. It has a high strain point of 615°C and can endure heat treatment processes at high temperatures.

Product Details


Useful for heat treatment in the solar cell and module manufacturing process

  • Its high strain point allows the product to endure high temperatures and makes it possible to form photovoltaic film at high temperatures.
  • The thermal expansion coefficient is suitable for photovoltaic film formation.

Improves efficiency in solar cell and module manufacturing processes

  • Edge grinding can be used to prevent breakage during the manufacturing process.
  • Glass substrates formed with different thin and thick films are also available upon request.

Makes mass production of products with diverse specifications possible

  • Large glass substrates of various thicknesses can be manufactured with the use of the float process.

Eco-friendly glass

  • This environmentally friendly glass substrate contains no Pb, As, or Sb.