Glass Frit for Laser-Sealing of Ceramics Packages

Powder Glass/Glass Pastes

Widely applied in the formation of hermetic seals, insulating films, coatings and so on. We are able to supply various materials optimized for use.

Glass Frit for Laser-Sealing of Ceramics Packages

Glass frit for laser-sealing can create hermetic seals between glass lids and ceramic packages. This glass frit has a lower CTE* than conventional products and excellent wettability with ceramics. Therefore, this glass frit is suitable for hermetic sealing applications requiring high reliability.
*CTE: coefficient of thermal expansionProduct Information PDF

Product Details


  1. Similar CTE to ceramic material CTE: 6.5 to 7.2ppm/°C
  2. Excellent wettability with ceramics
  3. Prevents thermal damage to internal devices
  4. Glass lid with glass frit, paste and the most suitable LTCC* are also available.
    *LTCC: low temperature co-fired ceramics