Optical Isolator for High Power Lasers

Glass for Optical Components

Glass, with excellent properties such as translucency, air tightness, and electrical insulation, is playing a very vital role in information technology fields. Various products based on our material development, precise processing, and assembly technologies are available.

Optical Isolator for High Power Lasers

This optical isolator for high power lasers uses glass that has the highest magneto-optical performance in the industry.
Its high Verdet constant allows for a great reduction in size.Product Information PDF


  1. Downsizing
    The installation area is reduced to 1/2 or less compared with conventional products. This increases the flexibility in the laser device design.
  2. High performance
    The incident light loss is 0.1dB or less and the isolation is 38dB or higher (reference values).
  3. Support for higher power
    A high laser damage threshold can be achieved through the use of high-performance glass parts and materials developed in-house.
  4. Wide-range wavelength coverage
    High transmittance from ultraviolet rays to near infrared rays (NIR) Better magneto-optical properties than those of TGG’s (TGG: Tb3Ga5O12)


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