ARG Fiber

ARG Fiber contains high concentration of zirconia, and has both acid resistance and alkaline resistance at high levels. It is mainly used as reinforcement for Glassfiber Reinforced Concrete (GRC) and Calcium Silicate products. It is also used as crack control material for normal concrete and cement mortar. For more than 40 years, it has been widely applied in construction and civil engineering fields.


Scrim is produced by laminating or weaving ARG fiber yarn strands or single end roving into open mesh shape. The continuous ARG fiber strands can work as reinforcement or crack control material effectively. It is used as reinforcement or crack control material for rendering, precast concrete and Glassfiber Reinforced Concrete (GRC). It is also applicable as repairing material to peeling prevention method for concrete members.

Product List

Product Details

Property Unit
Thermal Expansion Coefficient ×10-6/K 9
Softening point 830
Density ×103kg/m3 2.8
Tensile Strength GN/m2 1.5
Young’s modulus GN/m2 74
Strain to failure % 2
Alkali-resistivity, Weight loss
(saturated cement solution, 80℃, 200 hours)
% ARG Fiber : 0.8
(E Glass Fiber:10.5)
Acid-resistivity, Weight loss
(10% HCl, 80℃, 90 hours)
% ARG Fiber : 1.6
(E Glass Fiber : 42.9)
Acid-resistivity, Weight loss
(10% H2SO4, 80℃, 90 hours)
% ARG Fiber : 1.2
(E Glass Fiber : 42.0)

※The above values are only advisory, not guaranteed values.


Comparison of Alkali Erosive Attack


Comparison of Acid Erosive Attack
ARG Fiber ARG Fiber

Well-nigh perfect

Well-nigh perfect

E Glass Fiber E Glass Fiber

No trace of its original form

Damaged at even intervals