Radiation Shielding Glass


Glass technology protects healthcare personnel on the frontlines of advanced medical treatment

The use of computer tomography (CT) and positron emission tomography (PET) provides fast and accurate diagnosis of a patient’s condition, but also necessitates that healthcare personnel be protected from exposure to radiation while treating patients.
That is why so many medical facilities now use our radiation shielding glass. Read on to Related Information about this amazing material.

Radiation shielding glass is used at many facilities offering radiation treatment

Non-staining, impact resistant LX Premium radiation shielding glass

LX Premium is our flagship radiation shielding glass product. It features an impact-resistant laminated structure comprising LX-57B JIS-certified radiation shielding lead glass, safety film, and special cover glasses that will not stain or discolor over even when wetted by water or chemicals. Thanks to the excellent transparency and highly effective radiation shielding capabilities of this glass, healthcare personnel are able to make accurate diagnosis without undue exposure to radiation.
*JIS:Japanese Industrial Standards

LX Premium Product details

Providing healthcare personnel with thin yet effective protection from exposure to radiation

LX Premium is made with LX-57B high-lead content glass, which provides excellent radiation shielding properties at minimal thicknesses. For example, 9-mm LX-57B glass provides shielding performance equivalent to a 2-mm lead sheet.

Transparency equivalent to ordinary window glass

Manufactured using only the finest raw materials and polished on both sides, LX-57B glass demonstrates excellent transparency that is virtually identical to ordinary glass. Our LX Premium glass combines excellent transparency with the protection of special cover glass, thereby contributing to stress-free operation.

Easy-to-use,high-performance radiation screening Movable LX Protective Portable Screens

LX Protective Portable Screens have earned a stellar reputation at medical facilities as an easy-to-use solution for movable high-performance radiation shielding.
Just like LX Premium, they offer excellent transparency while helping reduce exposure of healthcare personnel to radiation at hospitals and clinics.

LX Protective Portable Screens Product details

For use in PET Facilities GR Premium gamma radiation shielding glass

The number of hospitals offering PET diagnosis has grown remarkably in recent years. Given that PET utilizes gamma radiation, which demonstrates significantly higher penetration than ordinary X-rays, shielding glass for PET applications must provide extra strong shielding performance.
GR Premium gamma radiation shielding glass for PET diagnosis was developed using materials that have the same radiation shielding properties as the high-lead content block glass used at nuclear power facilities. It’s use helps contribute to further advances in the field of medicine.

GR Premium Product details

Contributing to advances in medical treatment through radiation-shielding glass

The advance of medical research has led to the appearance of a variety of medical imaging technologies utilizing radiation, magnetic fields, and electromagnetic waves, as well as new techniques for diagnosis and treatment that use radiation in monitoring health and protecting life.
We recognize the importance and are committed to furthering the advancement of medical treatment by developing radiation shielding glass for use in the fast, accurate, and safe diagnosis and treatment of disease, thereby protecting healthcare personal and medical researchers from exposure to radiation and electromagnetic waves while they care for patients.

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