ZERØ™(Zero CTE Glass)

The Non-Expanding Glass「ZERØ」

Low-thermal-expansion glass technology has a broad range of uses, from the ordinary to the state-of-the-art.

You might find it a little strange to hear that glass expands. However, regular glass does indeed expand a micron or two.
For example, if you pour boiling water into a normal glass cup, it will crack. The phenomenon is caused by the uneven swelling on the inside and outside of the glass due to the different temperatures on each side.

In 1962, we used our crystallization technology to develop low-expansion glass ceramic, which features excellent thermal shock resistance, mechanical strength and electrical properties, and generally does not expand.

Low-expansion glass ceramic has contributed to technological advances in fields requiring exact precision, accuracy, and dimensional stability, where even the most imperceptible expansion can have a huge effect on, for example, optical instruments and optical communications, or on LCD and semiconductor manufacturing. Furthermore, this technology has been extensively applied in areas more closely related to our everyday lives: heat-resistant glass tableware, top plates in induction or gas cookers, tube for nichrome heating lines in toasters, fire rated glass for construction sites, and more. In addition, we have made further improvements with low-expansion glass ceramic, and have succeeded in developing ZERØ, a glass with absolutely zero thermal expansion coefficient.
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ZERØ, the incredible new glass with a zero thermal expansion coefficient

ZERØ is a non-expanding glass with a thermal expansion coefficient of zero. It marks the further evolution of high-performance low-expansion glass ceramic,, which already has a proven track record in many fields. ZERØ does not swell or contract in response to changes in the surrounding temperature, and exhibits almost no dimensional variability. ZERØ is destined to create the next-generation of products representing the pinnacle of low-expansion glass ceramic’s history.

New possibilities in fields requiring high precision

ZERØ is available in plates and blocks. It makes for greater precision and spurs the development of unprecedented products and engineering, such as: optical components and high-precision boards for optical communications; machines and tools that work on ultra-precise scales; and materials for parts requiring better-than-ever dimensional stability under changing temperatures.
Moving forward, we have high hopes for potential hybrids that utilize glass’s special properties, for instance by turning ZERØ into a powder or fiber that make it easy to fashion a greater variety of shapes. For example, mixing ZERØwith resin inhibits expansion in the resin, thus helping to make low-thermal-expansion resin.
ZERØ by name, but unlimited in potential.

From the everyday to the cutting-edge, you can’t go past Neoceram low-expansion glass ceramic

We developed Neoceram, an ultra-heat-resistant low-expansion glass ceramic, around half a century ago.
It is in widespread use around the world, as Neoceram’s excellent thermal shock resistance, mechanical strength, hardness, electrical properties and other attributes have been utilized in everything from home appliances and cookers to optical communications, semiconductors, and other ultra-precision components.
Neoceram comes in two variations: Neoceram N-0, which is transparent and allows infrared light to penetrate; and Neoceram N-11, which is white with a gorgeous luster and allows electromagnetic waves to pass through.

Cersat ceramic substrates have a negative thermal expansion coefficient

Cersat is a single substrate material possessing a negative thermal expansion coefficient. It is used by combining a Cersat substrate with a material that expands under heat in order to offset that expansion.

Example uses of low-expansion glass ceramic in a wide range of fields

Contributing to better lifestyles, societies, and industries with low-expansion glass ceramic

Our low-expansion glass ceramic range has had a long history and been applied for various purposes. We expect demand will continue to grow for better-than-ever precision and accuracy in advanced fields requiring exactness, correctness, dimensional stability and the like.
With our low-expansion glass ceramic – first and foremost with ZERØ—we want to make widespread contributions to civilization, including the growth fields of the future. By this we mean everyday comforts, stable optical communication networks, fire prevention and other private and public safety, advances in science and cutting-edge industrial fields, and more.

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