Code of Conduct


NEG Group Code of Conduct
〜Activities in Good Faith〜

1. The Customer First

  • NEG Group ensures that everything is based on accurate understanding and complete satisfaction of customers’ requirements.
  • NEG Group supplies safe and reliable products which contribute to society and satisfy customers.
  • NEG Group moves forward with new technological developments, and contributes to the progress of civilization and a prosperous future.

2. Getting the job done

  • NEG Group is dedicated to completing every task properly.

3. Broad Minds and Open Communication

  • NEG Group thinks beyond existing norms and encourages frank communication among all departments and generations

4. High Ethical Standards

  • NEG Group acts ethically and in good faith practices at all times, and complies with all domestic laws, foreign laws, and international rules and regulations.
  • NEG Group keeps sound and proper relationships with government agencies and administrative bodies, and faces antisocial forces and organizations with rectitude and resolution.
  • NEG Group pursues fair, transparent, and competitive commercial transactions, and conducts appropriate trade practices.
  • NEG Group administers corporate assets properly and securely.

5. Consideration for the Environment

  • NEG Group is constantly aware of the need to be considerate of the environment, and strive to reduce our footprint caused by corporate activities.
  • NEG Group contributes to the preservation of the global environment and the realization of a recycling-oriented society.

6. Contribution to Society

  • NEG Group produces profits through sound corporate activities, and contributes to the sustainable development of society.
  • NEG Group respects the cultures of the countries and local communities where it conducts business, and acts as a good corporate citizen.

7. Respect for Human Rights

  • NEG Group respects human rights and rejects discriminatory treatment, child labor, and forced labor.
  • NEG Group ensures a safe labor environment under which employees can demonstrate their full range of abilities.

8. Transmission of Information

  • NEG Group communicates with concerned parties, and discloses necessary corporate information in a timely and appropriate manner.
  • Established on August 1, 1998
  • Revised on February 1, 2006
  • Revised on December 1, 2015