Super Heat-Resistant Glass-Ceramics <Neoceram>

Heat-Resistant Glass

Heat-Resistant Glass, because of its superior characteristics, is widely used for a number of purposes, such as tableware, kitchen appliances, window panels for stoves, as well as in optical and electronic devices.

Super Heat-Resistant Glass-Ceramics <Neoceram>

Super Heat-Resistant Glass-Ceramics is used throughout the world because of its excellent thermal shock resistance, mechanical strength, hardness, electrical properties and so on. It can be formed into various shapes and sizes using different forming processes. Because its coefficient thermal expansion is nearly zero, it is widely used for a number of purposes, such as window panels for stoves, carriers for thermal treatment processes, as well as in optical and electronic devices.Product Information PDF

Product Details


  • Excellent thermal shock resistance
  • Excellent heat resistance
  • Zero porosity
  • High precision surface finish available
  • Wide range of sizes and thicknesses


  • Window panel for stoves and fireplaces
  • Carriers for thermal treatment process
  • Vessels for thermal treatment process
  • Super heat-resistant pots / tablewares
  • High-brightness lamp refrectors
  • Cylinder cover for stove burner
  • Heater / fuse tube
  • Bottom plates in microwave oven and cooking trays