Image Sensor Cover Glass

Glass: essential to capturing spectacular
still and video images

The spread of optical recording devices like mobile phone cameras, digital cameras, and video cameras has made
still and video photography a part of everyday life. Glass helps camera users capture the crisper images they desire by serving a vital
role inside optical recording devices as the protective cover for image sensors.
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Cover glass keeps image sensors safe in the heart of digital recording devices

What is image sensor cover glass?

Use position of Image Sensor Cover Glass in which the single-lens reflex camera as an example

An image sensor is the “digital eye” of a recording device. Deep in the heart of the instrument, the sensor affects the picture quality in images and video. As the name implies, image sensor cover glass shields the delicate image sensor; it is a protective glass enabling the sensor to operate at peak performance.

More beautiful images and video thanks to glass’ unique properties

image sensor cover glass

Glass offers advantages materials like acrylic products cannot, such as high transparency, excellent durability and lightfastness, and long shelf life.
Have you ever wanted your camera to capture exquisite visuals forever, or to take better, sharper images or video? Glass can satisfy your need for such high picture quality and sharpness.

Our technology enables ultra-precise machining of quality glass

Our cover glass allows even the faintest light to penetrate to image sensors to accurately convey info

More than just protecting image sensors, our high-quality image sensor cover glass is manufactured with advanced technology to ensure optical signals are correctly communicated in minute detail, and allows even the faintest light through to the sensors. We meticulously manage the manufacturing process, carefully selecting raw materials and checking for foreign matter as small as five microns to maintain high cleanliness.

Advanced technologies produce fine images and video by:

・Making glass with impeccably flat surfaces;
・Keeping foreign matter off of end surfaces; and
・Attaining a higher level of cleanliness.

Healthcare and security head the list of fields needing high precision, detailed imaging

The need for cameras, the scope of their application, and demand for ever-higher accuracy are all growing rapidly. Today, security cameras monitor safety in city buildings, on train station platforms, in people’s homes, and elsewhere; cameras check products on production lines; robot cameras and on-board vehicle cameras plot record our movements; and endoscopes are used in advanced medicine. People working in these fields need clean image sensors to ensure accurately communication of optical signals, and we believe that this is a job for glass.
Our mission is to contribute to public safety, to more reliable healthcare, and innovative manufacturing by developing and supplying high-quality image sensors cover glass.

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