Basic Stance on Information Disclosure

1. Basic Stance on Information Disclosure

Nippon Electric Glass has a principle that “NEG Group communicates with concerned parties, and discloses necessary corporate information in a timely and appropriately manner.” in NEG Group Code of Conduct. We will continuously disclose important information relating to our group activities to every stakeholder, including shareholders and investors in a timely and appropriately manner.

2. Standard and Method of Disclosure

Nippon Electric Glass has adopted a timely disclosure system called TDnet in accordance with the timely disclosure regulations set by the Tokyo Stock Exchange on which Nippon Electric Glass is listed. We promptly and publicly post disclosed information on our website. We always attempt to provide and disclose information by press release and on website which we consider will be valuable and relevant for our stakeholders to better understand our group and our overall business activities.

3. Silent Period

Nippon Electric Glass has specified that the period between the days after the close of each fiscal quarter to the time that our business results are announced will be a “silent period”. The aim of this freeze on information is to prevent any leakage of business results so as to ensure fairness for all stakeholders. During this period, we refrain from responding to any inquiries or making any comments concerning any business results. However, if we anticipate a significant difference to occur between the original forecasts and the actual results during the silent period, we will disclose such information in a timely fashion as per the disclosure regulations.