Product Safety and Quality Assurance

Nippon Electric Glass Group is engaged in business under the basic policies set separately for product safety and for quality assurance based on its corporate philosophy.
We always supply safe and reliable products.

Efforts for Product Safety

Basic Policy

We always offer safe products that consumers can use without worry.

  1. Place the utmost importance on ensuring product safety from the design stage
  2. Continue to improve product safety through quality assurance
  3. Continue to reduce risks throughout the product life cycle
  4. In case of an accident involving our product, disclose information and ensure product safety promptly

Product Safety Management Committee

We have established the Product Safety Management Committee to help improve the safety of our products. Committee members are selected from each Line Department involved in product manufacturing and sales, and from Staff Departments in charge of design of products and processes.

Product Safety Initiatives
  • Appropriate design, manufacturing, and warnings
  • Horizontal alignment between divisions
  • Collection and sharing of information on safety / Case study

Efforts for Quality Assurance

Basic Policy

Under the principle of “customer first,” we offer products that satisfy customers through the cooperation of all divisions involved in product sales, manufacturing, and development.

  1. Properly understand customer needs for products and continue to reflect these needs in product specifications
  2. Market products that comply with appropriate quality assurance standards
  3. Continue to improve product quality and enhance the level of manufacturing that ensures product quality
  4. Take prompt and appropriate action to manage any problems reported by customers

Quality Assurance Department

We have established the Quality Assurance Department in each Line Department involved in product manufacturing to perform reliable quality assurance for each product in response to customer requests and to help increase manufacturing levels.

Quality Auditing Division

We have established the Quality Auditing Division at our head office to drive cross-company efforts to improve quality assurance levels within the entire group.

Quality Assurance Initiatives
  • Audit of the quality assurance situation
  • Study of a quality assurance system / Provision of improvement guidance
  • Collection and sharing of information on product quality / Case study

Organizational Chart