Human Resource Development


In order to attain our goal of being the world’s leading manufacturer of special glass, we need to have human resources capable of performing at a world-class level in all areas. We help our employees to better themselves by offering them a range of study opportunities, such as on-the-job training, level-specific training, global human resource training, skills training, and self-development programs that include acquiring industry certification.

We will continue to provide our employees with more robust training, which will help them get to that next level.


Training Programs

Category Items
Level-specific training New employee training, young and mid-career employee training (3rd, 5th, 10th year), managerial position training, training for employees over the age of 50 (career development seminar, life plan seminar)
Global human resources training Global Communications Program (GCP, practical business English training), overseas training for newly hired administrative employees, skills development language training (English, Chinese)
Skill-based training Intellectual property training, accounting seminars, sales training, lectures on glass basics, AI and IoT seminars
Others Compliance training, information security training, health and safety seminars, industry certification and other self-development programs