Actions Against Global Warming


NEG regards preservation of the environment as an important theme within its corporate social responsibilities. NEG has established an environmental charter regarding its principles for environmental activities. The charter serves as a source of guidance as NEG strives to reduce the environmental impact of its activities.

Glass furnace using oxy-fuel system
Glass furnace using oxy-fuel system

Since the Kyoto Protocol came into effect in 2005, measures have been implemented to reduce the emission of greenhouse gases (carbon dioxide, etc.). In 1993, NEG introduced an oxy-fuel firing system in its glass furnaces, the first of its kind in Japan. We are also transitioning energy resources from oil to LPG and city gas, increasing the proportion of electric melting, and taking ongoing action to reduce emissions of carbon dioxide produced through the manufacturing of glass.

In fiscal year 2006, we began participating in the Ministry of the Environment’s Japan’s Voluntary Emissions Trading Scheme. In preparation, we have created a system that grasps the country’s policy rapidly and accurately and calculates emission amounts. In October 2006, NEG and Funai Consulting Co., Ltd. undertook CO2 emissions trading, representing the first deal to take place between domestic companies through the trading scheme.