Environmental Accounting (NEG)

(Millions of yen)

Category Main Activities 2019
Jan 1–Dec 31
Jan 1–Dec 31
Investment Expenses Investment Expenses
(1) Costs within operational area Costs to reduce environmental footprint of production activities within operational area 67 4,320 29 3,225
Breakdown ① Anti-pollution maintenance and management costs 53 862 8 422
② Global environmental conservation costs 13 1,781 - 1,075
③ Resource recycling costs - 1,677 21 1,728
(2) Upstream and downstream costs Costs to reduce environmental footprint of upstream and downstream production activities Costs for green procurement, product recycling, container and packaging recycling, environmental conservation measures - 213 - 195
(3) Costs of management activities Environmental conservation costs within management activities Costs for environmental education, ISO 14001 system construction and maintenance, and measuring of environmental footprint; labor costs of environmental managers - 873 - 666
(4) Research and development costs Environmental conservation costs of R&D activities Expenses related to the development of environmentally friendly products, expenses related to production technology designed to reduce environmental impact 101 222 18 227
(5) Costs for social initiatives Environmental conservation costs of social initiatives Beautification and tree-planting activities for harmonious coexistence with local communities, support for local communities, environment-related advertising costs, afforestation - 94 - 134
(6) Environmental remediation costs Costs to deal with damage to the environment Environmental restoration expenses - 184 - 64
(7) Other costs Other costs relating to environmental conservation Expenses for dismantling and removal of environment-related equipment and facilities 90 105 184 36
Total 258 6,011 231 4,547

Note: Regarding investment and expenses, only costs clearly arising directly from environmental concerns have been aggregated. In regard to production facilities and R&D, only sections related to the environment have been included.

(Millions of yen)

Item Contents 2019 2020
Total investment Scheduled repair of glass melting furnaces and production rationalization investment, investment to improve manufacturing productivity of major products 24,166 19,224
Total research and development costs Development and improvement of process technology, and development of products, including FPD glass and glass for electronic devices 6,477 5,893
Proceeds from sales of valuable resources related to ③ of (1) Sales of scrap metal, scrap bricks, etc. 23 9
Proceeds from sales of valuable resources related to (2) 0 0

Note: Following a review of “Total research and development costs,” the figures for fiscal 2019 have been revised.

Analysis of Environmental Impact (fiscal 2 2020 consolidated basis)