Environmental Policies

Environmental Policies

With consideration for the environment as one of our key values, we will continue to manufacture products in an environmentally friendly way.

Our Way of Thinking on Environmental Conservation

Motoharu Matsumoto, President

We hold global environmental conservation as an important value and have always been conscious of our coexistence with nature through our operations. Furthermore, we have managed our business based on the belief that practicing the world’s most efficient manufacturing process is, in fact, the key to realizing the world’s most environment-friendly manufacturing.
Against this backdrop, we endeavor to not only reduce our burden on the environment, but also tackle various issues, including sustainable development and conservation of biodiversity.

The Environmental Charter is our fundamental policy on the environment and sets forth the direction we need to follow in enacting our initiatives for environmental conservation. In accordance with our Environmental Charter, through our glass business, and together with our group companies, we will continue to be instrumental in helping to preserve the global environment and realize a recycling-oriented society.

Motoharu Matsumoto, President

Environmental Charter

Environmental Principles

Preservation of the global environment is extremely important and indispensable for the prosperity of civilization and humanity in the 21st century.
Nippon Electric Glass, upholding the Corporate Philosophy of “To build a brighter future for the world by uncovering the unlimited possibilities of glass for more advanced creative manufacturing” and adhering to “consideration for the environment” as one of its essential corporate values, strives to be and remain the world’s leading manufacturer of special glass by ensuring the state-of-the-art technological development, the highest quality standards, efficient production, and steady product supply. Nippon Electric Glass and its group companies are committed to contributing to the preservation of the global environment and realization of a recycling-based society by adopting high-efficiency and environmentally responsible processes.

Action Plan

  1. We will honor and observe all environment-related laws and regulations and the environment-related agreements and conventions that we have signed, and establish and enforce our own and voluntary environmental restrictions.
  2. We will endeavor to reduce our environmental impact in all aspects of our corporate activities and in all stages of the product life cycle, including procurement, manufacturing, transportation, sales, use, reuse, treatment, and disposal.
  3. We will attain the world’s highest-level manufacturing to more effectively utilize natural resources and energy sources, thereby contributing to preservation of biodiversity and reduction of greenhouse gas emissions.
  4. We will strive to adapt our activities to the requirements of 21st-century society to prevent pollution, thereby optimizing our presence in society.
  5. We will set environmental objectives and targets and attain them through optimization of our essential operations and environmental protection activities in which all employees participate. We will also continuously improve our environmental management system to enhance our environmental protection performance.

This Charter will be informed to all employees and affiliated companies, and will be made available to parties outside the Company at their request.