Message from the President


We conduct our business operations in line with our corporate philosophy of building a brighter future for the world through more advanced creative manufacturing. Our philosophy incorporates the desire not only to manufacture products that surpass those of other companies, but also to offer products that are friendly to the environment, to communities, and to individuals. The initiatives we implement to meet our corporate social responsibility, or CSR, are part of our core operations. We carry out our CSR activities in accordance with the intention of our Corporate Philosophy Structure while reaffirming its background and importance and upholding its spirit. Moreover, by implementing our CSR initiatives, we are also improving our corporate value and contributing to the emergence of a society committed to sustainability.
We recently published a new website introducing our CSR initiatives. We are confident that this website conveys our ideas and initiatives in an easier-to-understand manner than ever before. We hope you find it informative.

President Motoharu Matsumoto

The History and Themes of Our CSR Activities

Our work on pollution problems at our Fujisawa Plant in the early 1970s taught us to undertake environmental conservation as an issue crucial to the sustainability of our operations. A particular characteristic of special glass manufacturers is the consumption of large amounts of energy and resources, and the emission of carbon dioxide. Accordingly, environmental conservation continues to be an issue of the upmost importance for our Group. At the same time, we have engaged in contribution to the community mainly by assisting with the education of local human resources and through active involvement in employment of the disabled.
Based on this historical background, and in order to further advance our CSR activities, the Management Committee in which our top management participates has established a “way of thinking” that forms the foundation of these activities, which we have set forth in our CSR priority themes.

Our Fundamental Way of Thinking Regarding CSR

CSR is a key area in our corporate activities and cannot exist separate from our Corporate Philosophy Structure. Accordingly, we carry out our CSR activities in accordance with the intention of our Corporate Philosophy Structure and, through the implementation of CSR activities, we aim to raise our corporate value and realize a sustainable society. We have established both of these approaches as our fundamental way of thinking in regard to CSR.

Our Way of Thinking on CSR

We promote CSR with our Corporate Philosophy Structure as the basic principles.
Through our CSR activities we will raise our corporate value and realize a sustainable society.

Corporate Philosophy

Three Priority Themes

We have established the Environment, Diversity and Inclusion, and Community Contribution as the three priority themes (those with the greatest materiality) of our CSR. These themes have a strong association with the priority issues that we have focused on so far (environmental conservation, community contribution, employment of the disabled). We have reconfirmed the background and importance of these three themes and have clarified the future direction for scaling up our initiatives on a broader scale. In addition, we will place emphasis on these themes, as we believe they are directly linked to the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Materiality Determination Process

Materiality Determination ProcessDetermination Process

Three Priority Themes Defined


Environmental conservation is a duty for a company like ours whose operations incur a high environmental burden, so we advocate “consideration for the environment” and “efficient manufacturing processes lead to environment-friendly manufacturing.” Furthermore, we maintain the attitude that it is unthinkable for our operational activities to not include environmental conservation activities.

  • Consideration for the environment
  • Reduction of the environmental burden caused by our operations
  • Conservation of the global environment and the realization of a recycling-oriented society
  • Goal 3: Good Health and Well-Being
  • Goal 6: Clean Water and Sanitation
  • Goal 7: Affordable and Clean Energy
  • Goal 13: Climate Action
  • Goal 15: Life On Land
Diversity and Inclusion

The basis of our thinking on Diversity and Inclusion is that the integrated strength of personnel with diverse backgrounds and values—whether in terms of gender, race, or so on—is the driving force behind corporate growth. Of course, employment of the disabled is also included in this theme. At the same time, we will do our utmost for all these employees by providing personnel training and maintaining a safe and healthy working environment for them.

  • A work environment in which diverse personnel can flourish
  • Health and safety activities based on health and productivity management
  • Continuous development of human resources
  • Goal 3: Good Health and Well-Being
  • Goal 4: Quality Education
  • Goal 5: Gender Equality
  • Goal 8: Decent Work and Economic Growth
  • Goal 10: Reduced Inequalities
Community Contribution

A good relationship with the community is essential for sustainable business.
Therefore, we believe it is important to engage with local communities to gain their trust and appreciation. We will continue to actively participate in local activities, and also provide support for the disadvantaged and for human resource development in the communities we serve.

  • Community-based activities
  • Sustainable activities
  • Activities that contribute to community development
  • Goal 1: No Poverty
  • Goal 4: Quality Education
  • Goal 15: Life On Land
  • Goal 17: Partnerships for the Goals


Corporate Governance

Enhancing corporate governance to support the core elements of our CSR

Strengthening of Corporate Governance
  • Ensure transparency of management.
  • Reinforce the functions of our Board of Directors.
  • Strengthen our compliance management.
  • Risk management
Improvement of Information Disclosure
  • Promote communication with stakeholders.
  • Fair and timely disclosure

Goal 10: Reduced Inequalities Goal 16: Peace, Justice and Strong Institutions

Corporate Governance