Environmental Business Plan


NEG regards preservation of the environment as an important theme within its corporate social responsibilities. NEG has established an environmental charter regarding its principles for environmental activities. The charter serves as a source of guidance as NEG strives to reduce the environmental impact of its activities.

NEG has implemented its own Environmental Business Plan as a part of its concrete initiative to target environmental conservation. Under this plan, the methods used in business operations are applied to environmental conservation activities. These unique efforts, which address themes such as waste materials, water, and exhaust gas, are implemented throughout the company.

Activities regarding waste materials focus on landfill waste reduction. In fiscal year 2007, NEG reduced the amount of landfill waste materials as a proportion of the total weight of product sold to 0.12%, which is roughly 1/10 of the figure of fiscal year 2001, the first year of this initiative.

Since fiscal year 2004, we have been involved not just in reducing water use quantity—we have also modified facilities and processes while carefully considering the use and roles of water. Our goal is to establish optimal production systems by applying water usage as an index.

We began to address the issue of exhaust gas in fiscal year 2006. Since then, we have sought manufacturing processes to reduce the evaporation of raw glass materials found in exhaust gas.