No. Category Title PDF
1 Wall Panel GRC-CGC Panels in Japan (668KB)
2 Wall Panel GRC Stud Frame Cladding for a Typical Office Building in Zurich, Switzerland (555KB)
3 Ornamental Member Restoration of Old Hotel in San Francisco (550KB)
4 Functional Member GRC Finishing Plate for Tunnel (653KB)
5 Ornamental Member Art in Architecture – in Glassfibre Reinforced Concrete (512KB)
6 Wall Panel Okawabata J Tower and GRC (1,403KB)
7 Wall Panel GFRC in the San Francisco Marriott Hotel (1,149KB)
8 Functional Member THERMUR: A Load Bearing and Insulating Building Component (1,106KB)
9 Wall Panel Renovation of Multi-Story Schoenbuehl Building in Lucerne (953KB)
10 Wall Panel GRC-CGC Composite Panels for Research Institute in Japan (1,417KB)
11 Wall Panel GRC Building in Korea – The Heliness and Technology School Library (529KB)
12 Wall Panel GRC Building in Korea – Goldentel Two Building (563KB)
13 Roofing Glassfibre Reinforced Concrete Roof Slates and Flags in England (1,410KB)
14 Landscaping Glassfibre Reinforced Concrete Rocks in England (1,296KB)
15 Functional Member GRC in Sewer Relining in the U.K. (989KB)
16 Landscaping The "Green" Applications of the GRC Panel <TLC Panel> (1,494KB)
17 Wall Panel GRC Dresses City Landmark in Australia (1,292KB)
18 Functional Member GFRC Products for Electrical Utilities (1,296KB)
19 Ornamental Member GRC Cauldron for SEA Games in Brunei (645KB)
20 Wall Panel From Dilapidated to Delux at Auckland’s Princes Wharf – GRC plays leading role in the transformation (1,314KB)
21 Landscaping GRC Helps Showcase the Wonder of the Human Body – Nine-story high male and female figures grace the (1,550KB)
22 Wall Panel GRC Panels Help Speed Up Construction of High-Rise – Parklane apartments in Wellington (657KB)
23 Landscaping Museum Uses G-Rock to House Theatre – New GRC product provides unique ambience (1,343KB)
24 Wall Panel GRC Provides Spectacular Back-Drop to the Australian Pavilion – World Expo 2005 – Aichi, Japan (1,056KB)
25 Roofing Combining Ancient with Modern – A stunning new cathedral dome in Ukraine (1,265KB)
26 Ornamental Member The New Mumbai International Airport Terminal – GRC perfects innovative peacock feather design (1,281KB)